Zephyr Health's 2018 Marketing Manifesto

Zephyr Health 2018 Marketing Manifesto

By Leilani C. Latimer
VP Global Marketing & Partnerships
Zephyr Health

Inspired by a great friend and marketing leader, here is my Marketing Manifesto for 2018.

Keep converging
Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin – and that coin is your company’s revenue plan. Make 2018 the year that you accelerate sales and marketing team alignment, because customer engagement requires a broader view of the market, a deeper understanding of your product portfolio, and a fresh perspective on the competitive landscape. Commercial teams need to keep converging as digital and analog channels blend for real omni-channel customer engagement.

Embrace your inner data freak
Data is everywhere, and it’s your competitive advantage. Marketing thrives in a data-driven environment where we can deliver personalized messaging, via preferred channels, to highly targeted customer segments and in real time. Data is also at the heart of the best told stories – who doesn’t love a story that includes a great ROI?! Putting data at the heart of your commercial strategy IS customer centricity, and ultimately will help you build greater customer loyalty.

Mind and feed the machines
Now is the time to break down the silos between the enterprise software platforms that manage your customer relationship and digital engagement information. Better integration will lay the groundwork for improved customer segmentation and, when fed with improved and refreshed data, will give commercial teams the insights they need to make more timely, informed and confident decisions.

Join the predictive revolution
Predictive analytics and insights-driven marketing are the 2018 paradigm shift for go-to-market planning and execution. Gone are the days of being data rich and insights poor. Using integrated enterprise platforms, marketers can now extract real-time value from data to hit the high marks more often. In fact, they may get answers to questions they haven’t even asked yet! Meaningful customer engagement is every marketer’s goal – and we will achieve this more regularly (and successfully) by embracing this industry transition.

Digital transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. To successfully bridge the digital-analogue divide, companies must align people, processes and systems and ensure their teams have the rights skills to support the kind of innovation that will distinguish them as leaders.

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