William King and Zephyr Health's Vision for 2018

William King's Vision for 2018

As the founder and executive chairman of Zephyr Health, William King has always looked toward the future. In this excerpt from PharmaVOICE, King outlines how data and emerging technologies will soon transform the way the Life Sciences do business.

The year 2018 will bring about a paramount shift in how data are stored and accessed. With the recent data breaches from Equifax and Yahoo, which affected nearly every Amer­ican, data security concerns have risen to a crescendo. Data privacy is on everyone’s mind, but when it comes to healthcare, the allure of a secure cryptographic data-storage solution applied to healthcare systems is too important to ignore, and technologies such as blockchain could revolutionize the way healthcare sys­tems think about data. By dispersing data into secure “blocks,” rather than storing in traditional centralized systems, each point will have a complete record for its block, making it impossible to tamper with all the data as a whole. In addition, the secure nature of block­chain technology would allow individuals to access and modify their own unique strings, and for the first time all stakeholders could be assigned a single-personal record and have a say about where and when those records are shared. Finally, blockchain technology could offer the solution of a universally accessible network of data that remains secure but pro­vides value to all stakeholders: patients, clini­cians, and researchers. As data and healthcare systems continue to integrate and connect the dots, solutions powered by blockchain technology might quickly take their rightful places as the next natural step in big data in healthcare.

To read the full article, including more from Zephyr Health on how artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a key role in the utilization of big data, visit the PharmaVOICE website here.

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