Machine learning and AI solutions drive data-driven initiatives

Machine learning and AI solutions drive a new generation of commercial initiatives

By Leilani C. Latimer, VP of global marketing, partnerships, and commercial operations, Zephyr Health
An excerpt from the PharmaVOICE article “Marketing Using Data Analytics”

Advanced Data Analytics are table-stakes for marketers. Using insights drawn from big data, marketers can now build strategies that are not only responsive and dynamic, but also more precisely targeted and effective.

Data analytics are crucial tools for marketers, in particular as they look to combine traditional data sets with real-world, public data sources. Yet the ability to capture the right data sets, integrate them, and extract insights that can shape the company’s strategic go-to-market is not so simple.

This is where machine-learning solutions are providing the most value; with AI solutions, larger and more complex sets of data can be connected and analyzed more rapidly. This gives marketers the ability to segment and sub-segment customers based upon a more sophisticated set of characteristics, and to engage them with timely and tailored messaging — all in support of their commercial strategies.

In tandem with improved customer segmentation, marketing and sales are now also able to see how campaigns or sales plans are performing and adjust them on the fly. With more advanced data and analytics solutions, commercial strategies are transforming from static plans to living, breathing, and evolving programs.

Analytics are becoming more predictive, programmatic, and intuitive for pharmaceutical companies, and it’s now possible to deliver alerts and next-best actions seamlessly. Solutions that anticipate market needs and operationalize important changes, such as a formulary status change, or responses to a nonpersonal promotion campaign, let sales and marketing teams act on real-time alerts and recommendations. Not only does this change marketing behavior from pull to push, it makes pharma marketers more dynamic in their go-to-market planning and execution.

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