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Opening the gates to big data and analytics

Data democratization allows EVERYONE to make data-driven decisions. Zephyr Health’s Simone Chavoor outlines why opening the gates to big data is essential to commercial success.

Sramana Mitra: A conversation with William King

In a follow-up to their 2015 discussion, William King tells Sramana Mitra of the 1 Million by 1 Million blog about Zephyr Health’s progress and increasing impact on the Life Sciences.

Zephyr Health’s Spring 2018 awards roundup!

2018 has already been a banner year for Zephyr Health, with two prestigious recognitions from industry experts such as Frost & Sullivan and MM&M. We round up our awards in this photo slideshow!

Bringing the #insightsgeneration to Veeva Summit 2018

Zephyr Health is passionate about turning data into meaningful insights. At the Veeva Summit in Philly, we helped bring the Life Sciences into the #insightsgeneration – and had a great time while doing it!

Get to know Zephyr Health in under one minute

Got a minute? Founder and executive chairman, William King, introduces you to the world of Zephyr Health in this short video. See how Zephyr Health transforms data into actionable insights for the Life Sciences.

How value must change our expectations about innovation

Commercial Life Sciences teams must deliver value to their customers, necessitating a forward-looking strategy that embraces data and insights. Here are three approaches essential to any plan for a digital future.