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From treatment to technology: a personal journey

William King, founder and executive chairman of Zephyr Health, describes his experience going from treatment to technology, leading to the creation of a big data-driven insights platform that is transforming how companies do business.

The three pillars of the modern sales conversation

With changes in the healthcare industry, a successful modern sales conversation must now include not just the treatment, but the entire care ecosystem, from the safety of the treatment, to real-world evidence, and a broad view of the patient pathway.

Deep customer insights underpin market access

Customer insights are essential to market access strategy. To successfully interact with your customers, you must keep in mind their preferences, understand their place in the patient pathway, and connect with them using relevant, in-depth knowledge.

Big Data Means Big Insights For Life Sciences

Founder of Zephyr Health William King discusses how big data partners can use data integration, visualization, and insights for greater commercial success. In this excerpt from the Fierce Innovation Awards Report, he outlines his big data strategy.