Revolutionize your brand planning and market success with global healthcare data

Target your highest potential customers to optimize sales and marketing impact

Referral and Segment Analytics for brand and marketing teams

Boost outreach strategy

Identify and target existing and potential-referring Healthcare Providers (HCPs) with Referral Analytics, the only solution that segments specialists based on referral relationships between treating physicians and accounts, and geographic proximity. With Referral Analytics you can easily find a healthcare provider’s (HCP) Referral Potential Score to determine additional providers, account or patients for treatment.


Accelerate sales productivity

Increase sales team’s’ productivity with tailored actions and marketing messages using Zephyr’s industry-leading Recommendations, built with comprehensive insights such as competitor sales or market changes. With Zephyr Illuminate’s web and mobile applications, you have a single, synchronized view of your customers and the competitive landscape, with real-time feedback from field teams’ for continuously refined marketing messages.


Transform targeting and segmentation

Quickly identify and flag high-potential customers for targeted outreach campaigns with Zephyr Illuminate’s detailed segmentation solutions. Explore, compare and contrast groups of healthcare providers and institutions against their peers with Segment Analytics and instantly identify trends to improve brand planning. Aggregated Research, Influence, Treatment and Engagement Scores help you track product performance over time and inform adjustments to your outreach strategy.


Build deeper brand loyalty

Now you can build more dynamic marketing strategies with an increased understanding of your markets, your product’s market share and competitor activity. Zephyr Illuminate gives you a detailed view of a physician’s affiliations, prescribing habits, engagement with competitors and channel preferences to dynamically course-correct your plans. Build deeper brand loyalty with more personalized communications – aligned across personal and non-personal promotions – using timely customer and market insights.