Improve customer outreach and engagement

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with insights from global health data

Increase visibility and personalization

Uncover new customer segments like high-potential referring providers, accounts and prescribing physicians with Relationship Analytics


Expand market reach by identifying new customers based upon key network relationships


Target high-volume HCPs based upon historical referral patterns relative to peers by therapeutic area


Tailor non-personal promotion programs by referral relationships and geographic proximity

Zephyr Illuminate gives us access to information and insights we previously would have only received through multiple, bespoke reports. Now we can manipulate the data and information dynamically which has significantly impacted the way I look at my business.

– Head of U.S. Marketing, Top 5 Biopharma customer

Personalize communications by market access

Build deeper brand loyalty with more customized communications – aligned across personal and non-personal channels. Zephyr Illuminate gives you a detailed view of a physician’s access to therapies based on formulary status and their patients’ reimbursement coverage.

Connect strategy and execution

Boost targeting and segmentation

Quickly identify new customer segments for targeted outreach campaigns by comparing and contrasting groups of healthcare providers and institutions against their peers. Research, Influence, Treatment and Engagement Scores help you track product performance and customer engagement to actively improve your brand strategy.

Maximize multi-channel marketing

Optimize multi-channel marketing strategies by analyzing channels and messages based upon what resonates well with peers in your target customer’s professional network. Build deeper brand loyalty with more tailored communications – aligned across personal and non-personal channels – using timely customer and market insights.

Invigorate sales and marketing alignment

With Zephyr Illuminate web and mobile applications you have a single, synchronized view of your customers and the competitive landscape, with real-time feedback from field teams for increased collaboration. Now you can personalize actions and marketing messages using comprehensive sales, competitor and market insights.