Lance Scott named to PharmaVOICE 100 2017

Lance Scott - PharmaVOICE 100

Excerpted from PharmaVOICE’s July/August 2017 issue celebrating their PharmaVOICE 100.

After a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, Lance Scott realized there was another way to help life-sciences companies achieve their goals: developing technology that helps companies make smart decisions using reliable data insights.

Today, instead of searching for that signal within the data noise to help a brand, he is now providing the technology that connects data and delivers dynamic insights for life-sciences teams tasked with creating go-to market strategies for new brands.

Because Mr. Scott spent most of his career on the pharma and medical device side, he is uniquely qualified to not only understand the frustrations many marketing and sales teams have in defining a strategy based on data insights, but offer his new company perspective on what life-sciences teams are searching for.

As CEO of Zephyr Health, he is focused on applying his operational experience, leadership, and expertise in influencing the evolution of healthcare through further integration of innovative technology.

Building Zephyr Health and defining a new product category motivates Mr. Scott daily.

“I think about the clients counting on us to help them succeed and the members of the Zephyr Health Team counting on me to ensure we are focused on the right priorities to ensure our success,” he says.

The challenge for the industry, he says, is to rapidly integrate technology solutions that provide data-driven, actionable insights that can optimize go-to-market strategies.

With more pharma companies partnering directly with patients to improve early disease detection and management, patient programs are growing and generating lots of data. Getting this data integrated into provider outreach, however, or even other internal systems is still a challenge. Mr. Scott understood that by linking these data points, life-sciences companies would gain a richer understanding of the provider’s treatment approach and the type of patients being treated.

In 2016, Mr. Scott led the launch of Zephyr Illuminate’s Referral Analytics to highlight the importance of the patient’s connection with the provider, enabling life-sciences commercial teams to better understand who is managing target patients on an ongoing basis, as well as better understand referral dynamics and the relationship between the primary care and specialty physician.

Across all areas of healthcare and life sciences, Mr. Scott believes opportunity lies in utilizing data-driven insights to improve decision making for commercial success.

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