Forrester "Insights Service Providers Report"

While the emergence of insights services has radically changed the market for data and analytics technologies, giving decision-makers direct access to the insights they need can still be challenging. In fact, most Life Sciences companies struggle to keep up with the rapid growth of internal and external data sources.

The good news is that data linkage and integration technologies can help you unlock the potential of your data, and augment it with public data. Now you can access the kinds of insights that elevate business decisions — getting the right therapy, diagnostic or medical device into the hands of the right healthcare provider and, ultimately, to the right patient.

Zephyr Illuminate™ was cited as a vertical specialist among insights solutions providers who were noted for their ability to help companies “apply business knowledge, specialized data sources, and tailored data and analytics platforms.”

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“Vendor Landscape: Insights Service Providers, May 2016, Forrester Research”