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Three tips to build an insights-driven engagement strategy

Specialty pharmaceutical companies need data management solutions for a complete view of the healthcare ecosystem. When planning your specialty pharma engagement strategy, here are three key tips to give your brand a competitive edge.

Tips for boosting closed-loop marketing with real-world data

Life Sciences companies that are equipped to leverage closed-loop marketing (CLM) to its full potential – including the ability to integrate real-world data – are realizing incredible benefits. Here are my tips for giving your CLM strategy a data-driven boost.

Reliable and relevant data reigns

Zephyr Health had the pleasure of joining the rich ecosystem of Veeva technology partners that add value to the Veeva CRM and commercial suite. Here are our key take-away from last week’s Veeva commercial summit in Philadelphia.

An Eye for customer-centricity

Last week, leaders from biopharmaceutical companies shared best practices for putting the customer at the center of sales and marketing. Here are some of the key take-aways from last week’s eyeforpharma conference.

The virtues of real-time data insights

What can big data do for you? Big data will allow us to know what our customers want before they do. Leveraging this data and harnessing the power of real-time analytics can help field teams better understand their customers’ needs as they evolve.

Data on Doctors is a benefit for patients

Biopharma companies can be more selective when it comes to their physician interactions. Top three reasons why physician data can directly benefit the patient and Life Sciences industry at large.