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FirstWord: Big Data and Analytics in Pharma

Big data is dramatically changing how pharma approaches its customers. In this FirstWord webinar and accompanying interview, you’ll discover the key benefits every team can gain from utilizing big data and analytics.

3 Reasons Healthcare Needs Artificial Intelligence

To handle the growing complexity of the healthcare stakeholder ecosystem, commercial teams in the Life Sciences are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to save money, integrate data, and reach the right customers.

The Next Data Inflection Point

In this excerpt from Pharmaceutical Executive, we discuss the imperative for pharma to take next steps in tech adoption as we face a new inflection point in the evolution of big data.

Lance Scott’s top 5 things to know about data

In this interview with Pharma Leaders, Zephyr Health President and CEO Lance Scott shares his top 5 things to know about data and insights for Life Sciences companies and their digital transformation strategies.

The evolution of medical affairs in a data-driven world

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) need a wide, objective view of recognized and up-and-coming thought leaders. Integrating different data streams into a single source of the truth provides up-to-date, reliable, and compliant methods of assessing physicians.

It’s All About Data

Zephyr Health founder and chairman William King discusses the future of data in Life Sciences with Pharma Leaders, including trends, best practices, the value of insights and analytics, and what to look for in a data partner.

ICYMI: Getting a head start in the race for a big data strategy

In case you missed it: Don’t get left behind! These three tips will get you out of the starter’s blocks and at the head of the pack when it comes to adopting a big data strategy. The reward is a competitive advantage – the time to act is now!