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The Insights-as-a-Service leader harnessing the power of Healthcare Data to address critical business and patient needs

Next Generation Solutions for Life Sciences

Zephyr Illuminate™ uses global health data to power precise and confident performance across the product lifecycle, from strategy to clinical research and commercial execution

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Real World Evidence for Real World Insights

Zephyr Illuminate™ provides access to and analysis of millions of disparate healthcare data sources that can be applied to different operational areas within the Life Sciences industry.

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Enterprise solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our mission is to organize and visualize global health data to help our customers connect their therapies to people in need.

Zephyr Health Technology

Insights as a service Zephyr Health


Machine learning algorithms create predictive insights to instrument your business


Cloud-based software gets you up and running fast and plays nice with enterprise technology

Powerful Targeting

Apps pre-built for life science help you quickly identify opportunities in new and existing markets

Global Health Data

Lifecycle insights from thousands of connected  data sources, public and private, including CRM, BI & ERP

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Jazz Pharmaceuticals

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If you could continually integrate thousands of external enterprise data sources, add internal ones on a custom basis by request, and tailor the whole so it’s appropriately accessible to a range of business users through a single application platform, what could you do that you haven’t been able to? What Zephyr Health enables in the life sciences illustrates one of the myriad possibilities.

Alan Morrison

Issue Editor, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Zephyr Health combines public datasets (such as ClinicalTrials.gov andPubMed) and healthcare data (prescriptions, claims) with internal company information (CRM,clinical trial data) and applies an ontology using industry-based terms while ingesting the data. Visually appealing applications are built on the linked datasets, and they offer compelling and innovative data mining tools as well as easy-to-understand outputs.

Stephen Davies

Research Analyst, Gartner, Inc.